The Power of Divine Timing

What Divine Time Are You In Now? 

The Power of Divine Timing is a sign by sign astrological guide that predicts 10+ years into the future.


Joy Yascone-Elms

Joy Yascone Elms MA is an astrologist that has coached hundreds of clients to success in career, love, marriage, and business, utilizing The Power of Divine Timing™ technique. The Power of Divine Timing™ is a program that aligns you with the divine timing of the Universe to manifest your greatest intentions and desires—all based on astrological timing. Joy founded the Power of Divine Timing through her astrological coaching practice at The Wainwright House in Rye, New York. While in New York, Joy gained firsthand experience with the technique she founded, The Power of Divine Timing™, to nurture the correct source of energy at the right time—which led her to meet the man who would become her husband, in tune with Divine Timing.  Joy writes the monthly astrology column for Sophisticated Living magazine, “Sophisticated Stars”, and regularly writes astrology features for other respected magazines

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