The Power of Divine Timing

What Divine Time Are You In Now? 

Astrological Chart Preparation & Session.

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The Power of Divine Timing ™ Coaching Program with Author and Founder Joy Yascone Elms

30 day 90 days and 6 month programs offered bi-weekly; via Phone or Zoom.

“Living in flow with the universe.” What does that mean? Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try things seem not to change? That you are fighting against the tide instead of having the tide carrying you where you’d like to go? As an astrological life coach and Founder of The Power of Divine Timing technique and author of The Power of Divine Timing  It is my gift and job to help you maximize your blessings in flow with your own personal divine timing to manifest the life you desire with precise timing and accuracy!

Accurately timing our efforts is paramount in seizing the opportunities that will make our lives extraordinary and abundant.  As an astrological life coach and holistic counselor with inherited intuitive ability, I utilize your astrological chart and current astrological influence to assist you in making your dreams reality.

Contact me to have a complimentary 10-minute overview of what I offer in my coaching and how this incredibly accurate timing can influence the successes in your life.

Book a Session with Joy! Special Introductory rate! Astrological Chart preparation by Joy with one on one Power of Divine Timing 45 minute coaching session with Joy via Zoom, Skype or phone, and a signed copy of the book only $495.00 (only a few slots left)

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